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Total Needs. Active Needs. Lives Impacted. Help Seeker. I am a single mother and a Philander Smith College student. Within this outbreak I have been in a bad financial situation.

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As an international student, I did work study on campus but since school moved online, I have no job and not getting paid either. I am struggling to buy us food and pay bills. The basti consists of mainly daily wage labourers and day workers from other state.

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He is suffering from some Liver issue and need to visit doctor at Gastro Care hospital bhopal. Got his own vehicle though unable to come due to lockdown, doctor asked to come to hospital for further treatment in 6 days and he is stuck from 15 days now. Maratha Hotel Gali, Room no. The people have been given dry ration.

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However, they don't have access to clean water. At present, they are getting drinking water from very unhygienic sources. However still awaiting response. All necessary documents have been submitted. Require Hand Sanitizers for daily up downers to city centre bhopal working for supply of basic necessities. Baby needs to operated. File pending in CM office, father of baby not able to travel to Bhopal for approval because of Lockdown. Both morning 1 Night I need 2 months Tablets. T-hurts, Northern Railway Nursery, S. There are 75 migrant laborers including women and children in a slum in Delhi near flying club, S.

They need dry ration and hygiene products such as soap, detergent. Ayurvedic medicines from shree Navgrah Ashram Rajasthan Medicine names are as follows:- 1. Sy no. Shivshrujan building room no a wingTilak nagar in front of lokamanya Tilak terminalbodhavihar. There are 25 Families in Rai Village near Bhayandar, keshav srishti road. These are labor's suffering from lack of food as they only earn on daily wages. And, it is stopped because of the pandemic.

We are rickshaw drivers of Ambernath. Dist Thane. And we urgently need your help. Pls contact. My mother who is 85 yeats old and heavily diabetic is stranded along with me and at nashik since lockdown. She needs regular check ups and her appointment scheduled on 26 th march has already been cancelled.

Ravikant Toshniwal age : 29, M present stucked in kuchaman city Nagaur Rajasthan. Room no. My mother Mrs. Sulochana Jain age 58 years and niece Ms. But Text sex chat in Nandibari to lockdown they stuck here at Kharghar, Navi Mumbai. My mother is patient of hypertension and my father is also a heart patient. I can travel to Indore from my personal vehicle but administrative permission is required.

Please help me in this regard so that I perform my tro and fro journey from Kharghar to Indore and back. Bldgname, Anand view, A wing,3rd floor,near railway yard, tapsya block,nalasupara west. My grandmother has problem sleeping on ground since she has hurt her back. I tried contacting al shops in kolkata but nothing is available. Please help.

We sleep on ground aince Text sex chat in Nandibari are small so we don't have any bed. She gets immense pain. Thank you. I need permission to go to my home place. My father is hospitalized and doctor advised him for heart bypass surgery. I'm in need of urgency as I need to take care of him. They are getting meals daily but that is just for about 2 people however they have a family of 6 all daily wage workers. Sanitization and Masks distribution in the village following a corona positive visit in the village. Nearly plus Laborers in nearby area BB, Sushant lok 1 Nearby sushant Arcade, Sector 27, are staying with ration of 1 or 2 days at max.

They have been waiting foe some help but no assistance has been there. Kindly take this up as priority. The only earning person in this family is a daily wage worker plus they are living in a rented slum. ItMyDuty to provide them food and other relief substance in Rural areas and urban slums.

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Can wait 2 days. We are running with our funds for 15days, we are running low now. We need them in 2 days possibly. We need Rice and Vegetables for people for 15days. And we need masks and Sanitizers. List of items per family. Door dal - 1kg 2. Gold winner refined oil - 1l 3 Dettol soap - 1no. Samiya - kg -2 5. Mustard - g 7. Cumin - g 9. Atta - 1kg -1no. Rice - 6 kg Tata salt - 1kg Tumeric powder - 50g -2 nos.

Total families. I am diebitic and need heavy medicines, I am unable to manage in these lockdown days. My family is also suffering. I am disable widow with two girl dependents Need spices, cooking oiltea, salt vegetables pulses to maintain kitchen needs in month of Ramzan. I need eatables ration, spices, cooking oil and cash assistance to treat my ailing daughter and wife. They are labourers from Bihar and have no food to eat. By the way I have provide them some money so that they can buy food but they are in need. Hence, Bharathamatha Family Welfare Foundation wants to distribute poor families.

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Dry ration with groceries Rs. The poorest of the poor are awaiting for the help in terms of provisions for daily life. The wage labour are not able to find the work as everything was lockdown. And 8 pregnant women are ready for delivery need help. Daily living expenses are paid for the past 20 days but are closed because of the lokdown that means families should be given food and other groceries to help them survive. She is taking care of her sick and elderly mother. House is falling and she is looking for a safer place.

They need dra ration for at least one month. Dry ration for the household of people living in underprivileged communities, people on the street and migrants. Migrant Labour Food and Shellters and their family financially Help. Disability person ,widow woman and. Sant Mirabai road ghartan pada no 2 near Raj Nagar opposite hp gas godaun opposite Sejal park building.

The person is my neigbour. He is a barber, his earning is on daily basisdue to shut down there is no earnig. My family help him by providing rice and flour but family needs some financial help too and raw material like sugarpulses, cooking oil. If any one can help them by providing above needs without any photoshoot can help them.

It will be honor from humanity. Need for dry ration: In this scenario, now, the Corona virus has infected and activatedshutting down all kinds of shops and factories, shutting down all paid jobs, and shutting down the home.

Therefore, these beneficiaries face many problems, are unable to work, have no income, not able to purchase the dry ration, do not have food, and children, the elderly, and their families all suffer from hunger. Absolutely basic livelihood has been affected. With the corona virus epidemic affecting all economies around the world, these daily wage laborers and other vulnerable communities expect to the dry ration supplies for their families basic livelihood.

The village was burnt down during communal clashes inbut with the help of the district administration and army the village was resttled in At present there are approximately inhabitants, including infants, who need urgent help. They Text sex chat in Nandibari requires the following items: 1. Rice : kgs 2. Pulses: 30 kgs 3. Cooking Oil: 30 litres 4. Salt: 60 kgs 5. Sugar: 60 kgs 6. Bath Soap: 30 nos 5. Baby Milk Amulspray : 30 packets.

Text sex chat in Nandibari

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