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Each room holds a single bed. There are some potted plants, and walls papered with glossy pictures ripped from magazines, mostly of sports cars and scantily clad women. At first glance, it could be a college dorm. But the tiny, beige rooms at Atascadero State Hospital have barred windows and doors that lock from the outside.

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Rather than set free the rapists and child molesters after they serve their sentences, the state locks up the worst of them inside this mental hospital for at least two more years, extendible if a judge or jury so decides. When the law Sex message Atascadero passed incritics said it was tantamount to allowing indefinite detention.

The U. Supreme Court also has found that such programs, now in place in 14 states, are constitutional. Howard Zonana, a Yale University psychiatry professor who studied the issue for five years for the American Psychiatric Assn.

But psychologist Dale Arnold and others at Atascadero are proud of the work they do with sexually violent predators, or SVPs in professional terminology. They teach them how to feel empathy for their victims. They help them cope with situations that could lead them to commit new crimes. They use drugs and behavior-modification methods. Mostly, the doctors say, they teach their patients to think differently--to take more responsibility for their actions and to stop rationalizing their sexual deviance.

But does the treatment work? Is it possible to prevent a violent sex criminal from striking again? Steven Taylor, a Sacramento-area deputy district attorney who has had two SVPs committed to Atascadero, sees little choice.

The law is the instrument for getting them into the hospital, he said. They normally respond to years of treatment if you work on them long enough. But Jean Matulis, a Monterey County lawyer who represents several rapists at Atascadero, says many of her clients who deserve another chance are losing hope. The Associated Press was recently allowed a rare visit to Atascadero to talk with seven of the ex-convicts in the company of administrative staff and clinicians. The state picked the seven.

Others who were not invited contacted the AP by telephone. Hospital administrator Craig Nelson had Sex message Atascadero invited patients consent forms specifying whether their names and photos could be used.

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None agreed to be identified, though several were willing to be photographed. Most were middle-aged and looked as normal as your next-door neighbor. But like all those who are considered for the program, they had been convicted of violent sexual attacks on at least two victims. And Sex message Atascadero are high they will attack again without intensive therapy, Nelson says. They attend group counseling sessions similar to Alcoholics Anonymous. Clinicians monitor their sexual arousal to stimuli such as children, violence or bondage fantasies, using devices attached to the genitals to measure blood flow.

Patients are told to sniff ammonia during deviant sexual fantasies. Some also receive drugs such as Depo-Provera to depress sexual appetites. I have a future now. Of these eligible inmates, 34 were set free, the DMH says. Only about one-quarter of those committed have agreed to continue.

So an inmate who has already served his time for one crime may find himself being prosecuted for another crime, or ruining his chance of a successful appeal. Another inmate, a year-old man with reddish-blond hair, a mustache and an intense gaze, has refused phase two for more than a year.

Convicted of rape twice, he came across as the angriest in the invited group.

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The American Psychiatric Assn. Ted Donaldson, a psychologist who used to evaluate candidates for Atascadero. He said he was asked to leave after finding that of 20 offenders he tested between January and Marchonly six met the criteria. A year-old schizophrenic with shoulder-length black hair said he went to prison in for forcing nine people to give him oral sex.

He said his 18 months at Atascadero have been helpful. All Sections. About Us. B2B Publishing. Business Visionaries.

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