Massage sex Haarlem

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Massages, erotic massages. There are several kind of erotic massages. Skillful masseuses can show you and make you feel all kind of erotic massages. You can negotiate with the ladies to fulfill your wishes. This is a really erotic massage experience, speciality of the house. It is a sensual erotic massage play with warm massage oil were the masseuse will stimulate your private parts and delay your climax.

This is an intuitive massage were the masseuse will use her creativity to deliver an outstanding erotical massage experience.

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This is pure enjoyment. A wonderful massage were you both will glide over each other with the special Nuru gel. This will give you an very exceptional erotic experience of sexuality of your own body and above all of the warm, soft and flexible body of the masseuse.

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Massage sex Haarlem massage play will start under the shower. Taking a shower with the lady of your choice, who will give you a relaxing scrub. Which will end in a ecstatic climax. An exceptional tantra massage play with warm massage-oil were you will experience two climaxes.

It is an alternation of increasing sexual erotic tension and relaxation. A wonderful tantra massage were you will experience two climaxes. Very intimate experience of massage and climax. A Murual Massage is Tantra massage with warm massage-oil. And have you had dreams about giving a massage to a beautiful masseuse. Do you want to improve your massage skills? There are of course some rules, you can give a full body massage with the exception of the private parts and the masseuse will always start to give you a massage. Then you can give her a massage. Do you want to experience a new dimension of erotic pleasure.

Are you new to it and do you want to experience the pleasure of the prostate gland stimulation and discover a new kind of climax? Do you have such a desire, this is your opportunity! This means a really double pleasure. A relaxing massage were the masseuse will give you and your partner a skillful and exciting massage. See, observe, learn and enjoy to give and receive a massage together with your partner. An exquisite erotic experience. The massage play of surrendering, teasing and enjoyment. All your sensory will be stimulated.

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Enact your ultimate fantasy with the SM or fantasy massage. You can combine most massages. Each massage can be extended, if it is great a little longer is even more better. It is valid for every massage that you can negotiate, talk, to the masseuse about time, wishes and fantasies. We will always try to deliver the best and finest massage and more. Massage, erotic pleasure, tailor-made. Salon Haarlem will offer several kind of massages which will deliver relaxation and enjoyment.

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Are you interested? You can by e-mail info salon-haarlem. Adres Spaarne 33 CD Haarlem. Natuurlijk gaan wij uit van jouw goede bedoelingen. Toch zijn er hier een aantal huisregels waar iedereen zich aan moet houden. Zeven dagen van de week geopend! Massages English Massages, erotic massages. Combination You can combine most massages. Extend a massage Each massage can be extended, if it is great a little longer is even more better. Are you curious about Salon Haarlem and its services? Salon Haarlem - 59 93 06 - 30 17 63 62 info salon-haarlem.

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Massage sex Haarlem

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