Looking for that down to earth girl

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Here are 8 things only you can understand, cool girl.

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You can shoot the breeze with the boys a lot more easily than women — Guys are pretty chill, objective people most of the time, and so sitting around with a bunch of guys talking about simple things can feel so much more relieving than having a conversation with a group of women. You like to stay cool and objective, no matter what.

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To you, a simple evening can be just as great as an extravagant one. And no matter what happened, you could enjoy either one.

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You know how to stay objective, and you reason through the problem before impulsively losing your cool. This makes you as cool as the other side of the pillow. Your down to earth personality helps them feel stable and secure, and you can help them reason through their issues objectively.

You should probably get paid for giving out as much advice as you do. As long as justice is served and amends were made, you can move on from the situation and let the other person do the same. You wont remind anyone of their past mistakes, nor do you judge anyone for different likes or opinions.

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