Looking for someone to treat like a queen

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I know that I have had my share of daydreams and fantasies in my own life. I have personally dreamed of meeting a big and strong man with a soft and welcoming face. I envision him having blonde hair, blue eyes, a little scruff, and a smile that can light up a whole town.

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He would probably be wise beyond his years and I would always look forward to hearing whatever comes out of his mouth. He would also be the kind of guy who would be a character straight out of a Nicholas Sparks novel. I want him to always be loving and romantic. I want him to be a writer who makes great poetry; someone who leaves random little notes for me to find every day. I crave to be with an artist; someone who plays some kind of instrument.

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There are so many things that I want in my ideal man; I could go on and on. Of course, there is some wisdom to that advice, but it can also be incredibly misleading.

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No one can blame you for that. As a woman, you deserve to clamor for quality man who ticks all of your boxes. I ificantly remember being told when I was younger to list down all of the traits and qualities that I would want in a man. Of course, I listed all of the common stuff; the kind of stuff that most girls would want in their own leading man.

I wanted a guy who was attractive, brave, musical, artsy, intelligent, hardworking, etc. We were always talking about the kind of men that we needed in our lives; but we never really talked about the kind of women we needed to be to attract these kinds of men.

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And that was wrong. That was selfish. We needed to change. However, a lot of us can also fall victim to having a false sense of entitlement.

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You are never entitled to a great love story. You think that you deserve to be treated like a queen; like absolute royalty by your man. However, you have to be willing to act like a queen yourself; and you need to be treating him like a king. All About Women.

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Looking for someone to treat like a queen

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When You Find Someone Who Treats You Like a Queen, Don't Ever Let Him Go