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With each passing month, we get closer and closer to the holidays. So what better time than now to start brainstorming some outdoor gifts for your fave adventurer? I know. I hate shopping. Especially for other people.

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But because buying for someone else is extremely stressful! So stressful that sometimes you want to just give up and buy the person a gift card or a pair of socks. A must-have for any outdoor lover or backcountry camper — the Lifestraw eliminates With the Lifestraw you can drink straight from rivers and lakes, stress-free. I pack one of these on every backpacking adventure.

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I will never stop promoting these UCO mess kits — they are so compact, so durable, and so functional. The utensil can be easily stored inside the mess kit, if you prefer, and there are also matching collapsible mugs sold separately that can be packed inside.

Tastes just like homemade! Okay, maybe not.

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But there is nothing like a blast of sugar to perk you up after a long day of hiking and adventuring outdoors! When camping, I never go without a morning cup of coffee! Instant headache relief. This one comes with a handy lid to keep your drink from spilling something I do far too often at the campsite and is super insulated to keep your drink either warm or cold.

Yeti is a tried-and-true brand for many and boasts of major durability and ultra-insulation. A total staple for any backcountry homie — a mag striker is an easy and reliable way to get a fire going for the night. Going on a water-related adventure? Definitely get yourself a dry sack! A quick fix in case you get a rip in your tent — or really any gear item. Paracord is basically the duct tape of camping gear — it just has so many uses!

It has definitely come in handy over the years! Know someone who always gets eaten by mosquitos, even with 5 layers of bug spray on? Gift them some Afterbite! I swear, this stuff really works. I have severely sensitive skin and my mosquito bites always swell up 8 — 10x their original size.

Not to mention I have zero self control when it comes to scratching my itches! Afterbite honestly takes the itch away completely. It is so effective!

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Definitely a game-changer. Instead of packing up a giant bath towel that stays wet for hours, try out one of these teeny-tiny pocket-sized towels! They are super quick-drying and super soft. The proper way to do your business in the backcountry? Dig a hole, poop in it, and bury it at least feet away from water sources. Weird, right? There could not be a more useful gift for a camping dog-owner! It helps you keep tabs on your pup, even in the dark. Super handy! Another great gift for the pup owner in your life — collapsible bowls for their furry buddy.

It provides a nice, clean place for your dog to get some food or water and it can be squished down flat! These solar string lights will brighten up your campsite making it feel all warm and homey. Not only that, but the solar base works as a USB charger so you can charge up your phones or tablets! This is the ultimate, lightweight solution to cooking in the backcountry. If you know someone going deep into the backcountry, this is definitely a must-have! Perfect for playing cards, eating meals and drinking your morning coffee!

Looking for my outdoorsgirl 48 oregon 48 water-resistant blanket from Matador literally folds down so small, it can fit in your pocket! Just a thing to stand beside. But seriously, these chairs are super comfy and easy to transport for car camping! Another camping and backpacking staple! Get it? This awesome off-grid laundry system is so simple, but so revolutionary! Inflate when using and deflate when packing! This super compact lantern is solar-powered and even doubles as a USB charger! This is an easy and environmentally-safer way to wash your camp dishes.

Then head feet away from both your camp and any water sources to dump your dirty dishwater. Now you can go on that off-grid picnic trip you always dreamed of hands-free! Pack all your refrigerated goods in this handy-dandy backpack.

Dogs get tired, too! A life jacket or as Ruffwear adorably calls it — a Float Coat for your pup can eliminate the worry of over-exertion. I mean, imagine running full-speed through the forest without any shoes? Not cool. Thankfully Ruffwear has a solution to the problem — puppy booties! NOTE: Ruffwear is a favorite brand of ours! We can always trust them to make a durable product for our outdoor dog. Another revolutionary and just plain awesome product from Ruffwear!

This little speaker packs a punch in the sound department and can survive being dunked in up to 1 meter of water! Then consider the America the Beautiful pass! It gives you unlimited access to all U. Track your steps, calories burned, and heart rate — even while swimming!

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This waterproof Fitbit is a fun addition for any hiker. If you want to remain the ultimate chef even outdoors this is the perfect way to keep your inner gourmand alive. Another great gift for the off-grid fiend in your life — the GoTenna pairs with your phone and can send out messages as well as your location to another GoTenna user or multiple users within a 4 mile range. This blanket is perfect for the car camper, the van lifer, or even the backpacker.

The blanket mimics the comfort and warmth of a down blanket, but is made with recycled materials! Osprey is the ultimate in backpack brands — speaking as a very satisfied customer. Yeti is sort of at the head of the pack as far as coolers go.

This cooler is lightweight and portable and even the zipper on it is leak-proof and waterproof! Danner is by far my favorite brand of hiking boot. Vibram has a very, very good name in the shoe world for durability, comfort and traction. Last, but not least, the Kindle Fire. She's a Canuck chick based in Idaho who's uncoordinated, addicted to tacos, and perpetually making dad jokes. She loves hot spring hunting, desert camping, night hikes, and using her paddle board as a floating daybed. She currently feels like she's writing a dating profile.

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She is not. She is married. Hi Rene! Cue the groaning. So without further ado, happy future holidays and have fun gear shopping! Anything you purchase using one of my links earns me a small monetary kickback at NO extra cost to you. Of course I only link to products that I believe to be useful and good quality. If you want more information on affiliate links and why I use them. Website Facebook Twitter Pinterest Instagram.

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Looking for my outdoorsgirl 48 oregon 48

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