Lookin for old friend

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See Testimonials for details. Jump aboard Our Time Machine. Find a person, a lost friend, childhood sweetheart, long-lost love, teenage best friend, first love, old school friend or favourite school teacher.

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People finder searches undertaken in both UK and abroad. Indeed, to find a person is our forte. ! From The Jaws Of Defeat! A must read! How to find a lost friend. John our honorary Chief exec has since the late s been helping people to find their absent friends. More on John, further down the. Covering childhood sweethearts, lost school pal, a first fiancee, and anything in between. Basically, the one that got away! Ours take 30 hours, usually! What is professionalism here? After all, we never meet the client! Our role is to find their location. John is an old fashioned trouper.

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Quiet unassuming and a dependable modest veteran. A typical secondary modern school-educated plus flop of the s. You receive our undivided attention. Reuniting Shirley with Dena. See below a short amateur video. Dena was unaware of the conspiracy, leaving her somewhat overwhelmed. To read the story on Dena Video Below. Helping you find a person tracing of someone you fondly remember. That special dear and loyal old friend. Maybe from school-days, Cubs, brownies, girl guides, boy Scouts, teenage era youth clubs or a social friend.

Or that that unforgettable special sweetheart- the one that got away!

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Those semi-dormant thoughts just linger on. Then a warmth and indescribable inner feeling of tranquillity envelopes. You poodle along day-by-day year-by-year assuming that one day, fate will magically intervene. Actually many are senior citizens with lots of spare time on their hands.

Time to reflect on so many things. Many today find themselves living on their own. One thing is for sure there is no time to waste. The sands of time are lurking, cruelly poised to dash your hopes. Often acrimoniously. But equally the loss of an old friend could have been unintentional and fairly innocuous. For example, scribbling an address down on a scrap of paper then carelessly losing it.

A disaster 40 years ago. Upon reflection, it was partially due to becoming totally engulfed with that person. Rendering me oblivious of any shred of decency, etiquette, or honour code. Why is it so important now to reconnect with your lost old friend? We often hear: to ask for forgiveness and extend the hand of friendship.

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Learning with age and wisdom that really good friends are very rare indeed. To just have only one special friend in life-you are lucky! We say cherish them and reach out.

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You have little to lose other than a rejection! Try it yourself. Then, that lost special friend search will be in your capable hands! Here is a fairly comprehensive guide. Alternatively, we at friends reconnected could help find your old mate from school, teenage friend, relative, or lost sweetheart? : testimonials section. Or : thank you letters. Here is her first article. A gathering of old school friends set to this delightful venue in Prague, Czech Republic. The s and s. We deliver our lost friends finding searches from teenage years dating back that far.

A somewhat rebellious bunch from a wild era. As a bonus for us, we love chatting with them and brightening up their lives a bit as they tell us. We are truly honoured some chose us. We always try to live up to their trust. Many of our elderly clients speak of being on their own. Were you yourself a teenager of the s or 60s?

To set the tone we have a YouTube video clip for you. Poignantly reflecting more genteel times. Seeking a long-lost classroom chum, or childhood sweethearts, first love, from as far back Lookin for old friend the s. A thought! What exactly triggers those semi-dormant memories? What a joy reconnecting with your lost love or lost friend in this way! Where, was it Clacton Pier ?

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Was her name Sandra by any chance? Listening to Russ Conway? What about Winifred Atwell? Or lastly, for now: Bernard Braden and Barbara Kelly!! If so, it means they retained a special place in their heart for you too.

Making our way home after dark and causing anxiety amongst our parents. Terence, where are you today-mate? Sitting together in their front room sipping tea from a bone-china cup. What are the chances? In a nutshell, we know in most cases-pretty good! An interesting case spanning three continents. Our client has not seen his childhood friend since in Calcutta. for the story Yes we found her! Here we show a case currently unresolved.

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Sweden this time!

Lookin for old friend

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