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Jo March : Women, they have minds, and they have souls, as well as just hearts. And they've got ambition, and they've got talent, as well as just beauty. I'm so sick of people saying that love is just all a woman is fit for. Jo March : Perhaps Marmee March : Do you love him? Jo March : If he asked me again, I think I would say yes. Do you think he'll ask me again? Marmee March : But do you love him? Jo March : I care more to be loved. I want to be loved. Marmee March : That is not the same as loving. Jo March : I can't say "Yes" truly so I won't say it at all.

You'll see that I'm right, eventually, and you'll thank me for it. Theodore 'Laurie' Laurence : I'll be hanged if I do! Jo March : You'll find some lovely accomplished girl, who will adore you, and make a fine mistress for your fine house. I wouldn't. I'm homely and awkward and odd and you'd be ashamed of me and we would quarrel - we can't help it even now!

Theodore 'Laurie' Laurence : Anything more? Jo March : Nothing more -- except that I don't believe I will ever marry. I'm happy as I am, Just want to be j o love my liberty too well to be in any hurry to give it up. Theodore 'Laurie' Laurence : You will care for somebody, and you'll love him tremendously, and live and die for him. I know you will, it's your way, and you will and I'll watch. Jo March : Teddy Jo March : I'd rather be a free spinster and paddle my own canoe.

Meg March : I can't believe today is my wedding day! Jo March : Me neither. Meg March : What's wrong? Jo March : Nothing. Meg March : Jo Jo March : We can leave. We can leave right now. Meg March : What? Jo March : I can make money: I'll sell stories, I'll do anything - cook, clean, work in a factory. I can make a life for us. Meg March : But, Jo Jo March : And you, you should be an actress and have a life on the stage.

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Let's run away together. Meg March : I want to get married. Jo March : Why? Meg March : I love him. Jo March : You will be bored of him in two years and we will be interesting forever. Meg March : Just because my dreams are different than yours doesn't mean they're unimportant. I want a home and a family and I'm willing to work and struggle, but I want to do it with John.

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Jo March : I just hate that you're leaving me. Don't leave. Meg March : Oh, Jo, I'm not leaving you. Besides, one day it will be your turn. I would.

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I can't believe childhood is over. Meg March : It was going to end one way or another. And what a happy end. Jo March : [Whispering to Beth] Don't go quietly, fight! Please fight to the end, be LOUD! Don't just quietly go away! Jo March : I can't get over my disappointment at being a girl. Theodore 'Laurie' Laurence : That's my grandfather. Are you scared of him? Jo March : I'm not scared of anyone!

He looks stern, but my grandfather was much more handsome. Marmee March : Jo! We do not compare grandfathers!

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Beth March : It's like the tide going out. It goes out slowly, but it can't be stopped. Jo March : I'll stop it. I've stopped it before. Beth March : I love to listen to you read, Jo, but I love it even better when you read the stories you've written. Jo March : I don't have any new stories.

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Beth March : Why not? Jo March : Haven't written any. Beth March : You have pencil and paper. Sit here and write me something. Jo March : Uhh. I can't, I don't think I can anymore. Beth March : Why? Jo March : It's just, no one even cares to hear my stories anyway. Beth March : Write something for me.

You're a writer. Even before anyone knew or paid you. I'm very sick and you must do what I say. Do what Marmee taught us to do. Do it for someone else. Jo March : If she had died it would've been my fault. Marmee March : She will be fine, the doctor said he didn't even think she'd catch cold.

Jo March : What is wrong with me? I've made so many resolutions and written sad notes and cried over my sins, but it just doesn't seem to help. When I get in a passion I get so savage I could hurt anyone and I'd enjoy it. Marmee March : You remind me of myself. Jo March : But you're never angry. Marmee March : I'm angry nearly every day of my life. Jo March : You are?

Marmee March : I'm not patient by nature, but with nearly forty years of effort I'm learning to not let it get the better of me.

Just want to be j o

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