Dallas democrats dating

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The Funky East Dallas Democrats, a. The FEDDs, are a merry band of volunteer activists with a proven track record of increasing voter turnout through precinct-level organizing.

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We mobilize, educate, and support activists, organizers, voters, and precinct chairs in GOTV efforts, year-round programming, and community building. We collaborate with other organizations across the state to Flip Texas Blue. All while having a lot of fun.

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FEDDs members are teachers, business owners, care-givers, realtors, hair stylists, insurance agents, dog-walkers, attorneys, interior deers, bartenders, gig workers, homemakers, artists, union organizers, tech developers, musicians, retirees, college students, and teens still in high school. We're all dedicated individuals representing every variety of good people in our wonderfully diverse community. The FEDDs increase voter turnout, expand participation in the democratic process, and have fun, all while building community.

New members get involved because of the fun, effective activities and form new friendships.

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We share resources and tools to teach volunteer organizers and Dem Precinct Chairs how to increase voter turnout in their precincts. It turns out making friends while making a difference is addictive. We have monthly member meetings as well as our Education Series on topics that impact us. We hold regular postcard parties, voter registration drives, and training sessions on the processes and tools that make us successful. We feel inspired and have recommitted to our mission.

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And, excited to support the many FEDDs members running for office in the next cycle! Exciting days are ahead, FEDDs!

Dallas democrats dating

email: [email protected] - phone:(592) 570-8342 x 5701