Bbc looking 2 eat

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A new BBC documentary will show just what impact eating ultra-processed food could be having on our bodies. He switched to a diet of 80 per cent ultra processed food and his experiment, now being used for a clinical study, shows a clear link between processed food and rapid weight gain.

A new BBC documentary will show the effects of processed food where he claims to have got piles, erectile dysfunction and anxiety after eating a month of processed food. They lobby hard against any proposed government measures which might put off consumers — and hit their profits, reports the Mirror.

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He says the real problem lies not in the ingredients but in what is added during processing. It is being deed to drive overeating, because the only way that food companies can grow and make money is by selling more food.

After eating fast food, microwave meals and other ultra processed food for a month, Dr Chris says he felt terrible. I just developed piles, no libido, erectile dysfunction, expanding waistline, extreme anxiety, unhappiness, sleeplessness, heartburn. I felt better almost immediately after I stopped the diet. Across the world childhood obesity rates have risen tenfold in 50 years. By Nicola Methven. Want the best TV news sent straight to your inbox? up to our weekly Invalid Something went wrong, please try again later.

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Follow BirminghamLive. Facebook Twitter. More On BBC. News all Most Read Most Recent. Met Office speaks out over snow warnings for UK Birmingham weather Forecasters have been predicting flurries of the white stuff, with media publications reporting their words.

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Midlands weather The weather continues to get worse nationwide, with the mercury plunging by as much as 10C. Channel 4 The couple have gone through a rollercoaster of emotions throughout the E4 reality series with both expressing doubts about future. Consultation approved to regenerate Sandwell's canal district Sandwell Grove Lane, a section of land that lies between Birmingham, Ladywood, and Smethwick, is set to see ificant changes. Handsworth home for vulnerable women approved after second vote Handsworth and Soho The temporary housing scheme for nine vulnerable young women Bbc looking 2 eat opposed in a petition ed by nearly people.

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Birmingham Airport National Identity cards will no longer by accepted as a travel document and most EU and Swiss citizens will need a valid passport to enter the UK. Birmingham weather After a bright start to Saturday, showers will edge across the West Midlands.

Bbc looking 2 eat

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'What is it doing to children's brains?' TV doctor's shock change after eating junk food for a month