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This headline dutifully poked open a gap in my curiosity when variations of it appeared a few days ago. The map, created by data from Pornhub, reveals that in the majority of states, people are searching for lesbian porn the most. Oh sure, in a few quirky states, cartoons are the most popular.

Perhaps the cold weather in Wyoming, Maine, and Minnesota makes people pine for their stepsisters. Lesbians trotting across the vast, great Western plains.

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Lesbians uniting New Yorkers and Alabamians like little else does. Lesbians, from sea to shining sea. Of course, the Pornhub are far from scientific. Nor is the fascination with lesbians solely a male phenomenon. In a Marie Claire survey of mainly female respondents, lesbian porn was the second most popular option, after the heterosexual variety. Still, the idea that straight men like it when two women make out and more!

On FriendsChandler and Joey give up their apartment— their apartment in Manhattan —for the chance to watch two of their straight female friends kiss for one minute. So what is it about the sight of two women that, purportedly, sets male loins ablaze? For the book, he and co-author Sai Gaddam analyzed millions of searches, erotic stories, videos, personaland other data to find out exactly what makes humans tick down there. But to the extent that lesbian erotica is popular, it can be explained by the fact that men are most aroused by visual cues that emphasize youth and downplay drama and emotional complexity.

The only thing better than one nubile, personality-free woman is Adult want sex Pine Plains of them. I pointed out to Ogas that this is a rather irrational desire: Lesbians are the only group of women who will categorically never be interested in a straight man. Women, for instance, are often aroused by billionaires and celebrities who are extremely unlikely to reciprocate the sentiment. I maintain that Oscar Isaac is going to come around any day now.

Interestingly, the reverse—loving gay male porn—is not quite true for women. At least, not in the same way. Unlike most men, Ogas said, most gay and straight women have an emotional, narrative component to their erotic fantasies. Straight women may have enjoyed Brokeback Mountainbut it was probably for the story. However, when researchers measure their levels of genital arousal, women seem to equally enjoy erotica featuring two women, two men, or a heterosexual couple.

We keep those thoughts between ourselves and the computer keyboard—and the all-seeing eye of Big Data, naturally.

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Adult want sex Pine Plains

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